Breathe with Jenn is a wellness consultancy for individuals and businesses. It was founded by Jenn Kirby who recently relocated to Dublin after living and studying in New York, Vancouver and London for the past 15 years. Having worked in the busy corporate world for many years, Jenn witnessed the lack of awareness and concern around mental and physical well-being. So during the last 3 years she began to create & implement wellness programs and strategies at a fin-tech company she worked for in London. Jenn studied Yoga, Mindfulness & Meditation in London where she taught classes at companies and to individuals.

Jenn went on to create the Breathe Technique, which is a transforming & powerful combination of Mindfulness, Meditation & Hatha Yoga. In this class we combine 3 therapies which are proven to reduce stress & anxiety, improve sleep quality, increase productivity, strength & flexibility.

In addition to the Breathe Technique, Jenn also offers separate classes in Hatha Yoga, Mindfulness & Meditation and corporate classes and courses.
All corporate services are tailored to the office environment to ensure people get the most out of the class, to create a more effective work/life balance and ultimately to increase productivity.


“It isn’t what you have, or who you are, or where you are, or what you are doing that makes you happy or unhappy. It is what you think about.”
— Dale Carnegie


Jenn Kirby

I am a mindfulness, meditation and yoga teacher living in Dublin, Ireland. After working and studying in New York, Vancouver & London for the past 15 years, I recently relocated to Dublin with my husband. I am the founder of Breathe with Jenn, a wellness consultancy for individuals and businesses, delivering classes and courses in yoga, mindfulness and meditation.

This website is a place for inspiration, sharing all things yoga, meditation & mindfulness and tips on how I lead a healthy life. Here you will find my thoughts on how to find happiness and health in a world that has become so fast paced.
My mission is to help you enjoy a more fulfilling, meaningful and happier life.