The story behind Little Yogi Designs

It wasn’t all that long ago that I was immersed in the corporate world and had been for many years working in Dublin, New York, Vancouver & London and often struggled with work life balance.  Many of you can relate to my story and like some of you who are reading this now, I made it my mission to carve out a new path for myself. I began to study yoga, meditation & mindfulness. Soon I felt less shackled by my corporate job and realised it was the very window in to my new life. I founded and developed the Wellness department at Smarkets,  a fin-tech company I worked for in London. At Smarkets, I realised my love for teaching yoga & meditation and began to teach lunch & evening classes for six months before our planned move back to Dublin.

Having met & worked with so many people during my career, I realised a lot of people are stressed, unhappy and not living their best life. The catalyst for creating my wellness business, Breathe with Jenn, was to help people live better lives and ultimately be happy. I teach people how to find a moment of calm, an inner peace by quieting the constant mental chatter, while building strength physically & mentally.

With this in mind, I set about thinking how I could reach more people and spread messages of support, encouragement & optimism. In a world so divided, often negative and for many so complicated, I think it’s important to try to temper this with positivity, inspiration and a little humour. Over the years most of us have witnessed negative behaviours and comments in the press, on TV & social media, in schools and in the workplace. I want to try to balance this, even in a small way…

I love quotes, I have always enjoyed finding inspiring or uplifting quotes that can make a difference to my day. Wanting to bring together my love of yoga, inspiration and positive messaging…Little Yogi Designs was born

Little Yogi Designs’ mission is to bring a little inspiration, hope and encourgement with a sprinkle of humour to peoples lives. Launching with t shirts, tank tops, tote bags, sweaters & wall decor with cute sketches of little yogis in various yoga poses coupled with inspirational quotes which remind us all – that each of us have the power within to create the best version of ourselves, to live our best life and to encourage others to do the same.

I work with a really talented illustrator to bring my ideas and little yogis to life. I’m really pleased with what we’ve achieved so far and I hope you love the products as much as I have enjoyed creating them. Lily & Daisy are the first two in the little yogis series whose aim is to bring a smile to your face with an inspiring message. Beginning with a range for women, girls and tots, we will also be developing a range for men & boys soon.

So what are you waiting for? Let Little Yogi Designs brighten your day and make you smile

Little Yogi Designs- Making the world a happier place.


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